Questions for Professor Rockwell

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  1. Is there a way to group related words as a single entity?

  2. Sebastian Marulanda

    Have you ever though of creating a mobile variant of Voyant? With the advent of tablets and e-readers, this could be a good tool to supplement on-the-go readers.

  3. What inspired you to create this program?

  4. Is there anyway to separate dialog from all other text, and analyze only the dialogue?

  5. Is this tool made for people who are interested in Literature specifically? Who are the target users?

  6. Which Voyant tool do you feel is most informative/does the most to improve your understanding of a text?

  7. Could you talk about the development process? What inspired the tool, and what it was developed in.

    Have you noticed any trends that all literature has in common?

  8. What functions of the program have given you the most insight into the literature being studied?

  9. I think this was one of our in class questions, but I’m interested in what arguments were had about the tool during the development process.

  10. In what ways does knowledge of “vocabulary density” provide inferences about the text?

    What is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in Voyant?

  11. Who implemented the visualizations? (were they externally made/borrowed? were they developed internally?)

    If they were developed internally, what was the motivation behind making them? Were there certain uses that you had in mind, or just creating “toys” to play with words?

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