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Introduction: Rhys Saraceni

My name is Rhys Saraceni. I’m a 4th year Computational Media major from Dallas, GA. I worked at Adult Swim last semester, I make the annual composite photos for Psi Upsilon, I’m a regular participator in Campus Movie Fest, a researcher in the Georgia Tech Emergent Game Group, and a founding member and officer of GOURD: Visual Artists (art club) and VGDev (game development club). When I’m not working on schoolwork, I play/design/study/make video games, work on video production projects, do 3D modeling/animating/texturing, play bass, listen to a wide variety of music, especially metal and prog rock, study maps and population statistics, collect potent hot sauces, and mistakenly believe that the world works as it does in Beatles songs. I have a small museum’s worth of video game consoles spanning the 1970s – today.