Georgia Tech’s Premier Eatery

Not since 1984 has the Georgia Institute of Technology built a new dining facility for its students. Last year, they opened the doors of the North Avenue Dining Hall, a state-of-the-art facility that implemented all of the ideals of prime restaurant dining.  It easily distinguished itself from its predecessors based on its appearance, international awareness, environmental friendliness, and availability.

  When you walk into the North Avenue dining hall, you are immediately enticed by the modern interior design of the facility.  The luminous light displays an array of vibrant colors, and the area itself is quite bright and illuminated.  The television screen and display offer another sense of modern technology.   As opposed to the wooden tables and chairs of the other dining halls, it sports more updated seating.  The plates are square, not round.  The entire facility just portrays a “new age” feeling.

This “new age” ideal is also carried over into the vast selection of menu items for the customer.  One cannot go without noticing the amount of food choices titled by the captions on the ceilings including Pasta, Deli, Wings, Grill, Chef Station, Wok, World Fare, and Pho (pronounced “fuh,” pho is a type of Vietnamese noodle dish).  They certainly wanted to incorporate a variety of cuisines, notably those of international cultures.  You can build your own sandwich, stir-fry, pasta, or salad from the salad bar.  The options seem endless.

In building the dining hall, Georgia Tech also focused on the “green” aspect of the facility.  The entire building is said to be built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards and is scheduled to be both LEED Gold and Energy Star Certified.  They use repurposed materials, incorporate composting, purchase locally, and minimize waste.

Overall, the North Avenue Dining Hall certainly advertises the “modern” dining experience.  They have gone through the measures of instituting the current ideals of its time, whether it be through the design, the meals, or its eco-friendliness.

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  1. You’re right to identify that the North Avenue Dining Hall is tapping into a wide range of current cultural and political obsessions– the sleek design, the international menu, and the eco-friendliness. The next question– and one you should think about for your essay– is why? Why is Tech so invested in presenting such a contemporary dining experience to its students? Does it fit in with a larger message it’s trying to convey to students? To the public at large? See if you can come up with an argument that explains why you think the NADH is designed and deployed as it is.

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