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For my research paper, I have finally decided to explore the growing presence of men in the kitchen. In the past cooking was left for the women and wasn’t seen as very masculine, but somehow over time it has changed and in many households the men may even do the majority of the cooking. I would like to research how this came to be and how cooking has become to be more masculine especially how it is portrayed in  some forms of media. I would also like to perhaps set up a comparison of male cooking shows to female cooking shows and how they differ in things such as theme, set, camera angles and the style in which it is edited for the final TV version.

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  1. This is a fascinating research topic. Now, as you shift from topic to paper, you’ll need to shift from asking questions to answering them. The key for you is going to be figuring out more about the change that you describe as “somehow over time.” Providing an explanation for that change should constitute the bulk of your research paper.

    Because this is such a capacious topic, you might want to pick three cooking shows from different time periods, and use those as your primary examples, supplementing your analysis of the shows with relevant historical/cultural context.

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