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Jimmy’s Introdution

Hello everyone!

My name is Jimmy Kepner, and I am a first year International Affairs student. I live in Marietta, GA, but I am originally from Houston, TX. Like most other people in this group, I have trouble choosing a favorite food. If I had to pick one, I would probably have to say Pad Thai because my mother is originally from Thailand. Her recipe is Pad Thai is famous among my friends back home, and they would often come over for dinner when she made it. I am really excited for this class, being a big foodie myself. Over the summer, I interned with a Thai agribusiness, working in meat processing factories, performing taste tests with the R&D team, and promoting products with the marketing team. My favorite past times include playing trumpet, meeting new people, and raiding the first floor kitchen for food and sweets.

Hi, I’m Chelsea!

Hey guys!

My name is Chelsea Lefland. I am majoring in Materials Science and Engineering, and minoring in Chinese. I am originally from Croton on Hudson, NY, which is a 40 minute train ride to New York City. I am so glad to be down in the South though, because I am so sick of cold weather! My favorite foods are sushi and mexican, but I don’t know why. I am really excited about this class because food is my passion. All throughout middle school I wanted to be a pastry chef, but in high school realized it was not the best career for me, so here I am at Tech!

Hi, I’m Zary

Hi Guys!

I’m Zary Peretz. I currently live in Field, but I’m originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania. However, I went to high school in Andover, Massachusetts. I’m double majoring in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration and minoring in Chinese.

Other than those basic facts, I’m involved in the Hillel and Georgia Tech College Republicans here. My favorite food, as Neda mentioned is Chamin (pronounced with a hard h— like you are clearing your throat. It’s a sound found in many languages, with this word being Hebrew, but not in English), a food that, unless you are Tzefardic (meaning– from Spain or Northern Africa) Jewish, you’ve probably never heard of before. Basically Chamin (or its Eastern European equivalent  Chulent… which is actually pronounced with the “ch” like “child”) came from the fact that according to the Bible, Jews must rest every Friday night before sundown to Saturday night after 3 stars are visible. Because they had to “rest,” they could not light fires or stoves, which might make it hard to make a warm Sabbath meal. So Jews decided to make a meal that could cook on low heat overnight. Thus, they could start making it before sundown Friday and it would be ready Saturday morning. Chamin basically consists of throwing chick peas, kidney beans, sweet potatoes, potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, lamb legs, beef bones (used for the marr0w), garlic, onions, and a bunch of spices into a pot of boiling water and letting it cook on a low heat overnight. In the morning, the items could be taken out and eaten individually on a plate or all mashed together into a sort of stew type thing (how my family does it).

Beth’s Favorite Food

Hi!  My name is Beth, and my favorite meal is ginger salmon and curried lentils.  My mother always makes it when I come home from Tech.